What's in a name?


Hrud= "fame", Beraht= "shining" (Old German)

Engl. form of "Robert", a name widely used amongst rulers of Germany and Normandy in medieval times (e.g. Robert Guiskard).

While Antje was pregnant, her little niece Bente decided that the baby would be called Robin. When asked for the reason, she explained that "Robin" would be a naughty but nice little boy. She was absolutely convinced by this name and kept using it every time she'd ask about the baby (e.g. "Auntie Antje, when is Robin going to be born?"). One day, Edwin's sister inquired if we had decided on a name for the baby yet, which we hadn't, so Bente asked confused "How do you mean you don't have a name for Robin yet?".

Thus, just as the arrival of this little fellow was a big surprise to his parents, his name has also been chosen for us. All that remains is to look after him as best as we can!


"Son of the right hand", also "son of the south" or "son of luck" (Hebrew)