Below is some feedback from Edwin's (former) colleagues and managers.

Clive Hayball, Senior Systems Architect, Nortel:

"Edwin has shown himself to be innovative, hard working and can be relied on to complete his tasks with minimum supervision. Apart from his excellence in object-oriented development with Java, he has demonstrated an ability to learn an apply new techniques."

"Edwin is highly competent technically and shows real enthusiasm for the work being undertaken in Content Networking. He has demonstrated the ability to produce quality results on or ahead of schedule. He is also innovative and has contributed to key discussions involved with taking our technology forward."

"I would recommend Edwin to any organisation seeking a senior software architect."

Julian Cable, Senior Advisor, Nortel:

"Edwin's outstanding qualities include the ability to work from a very loose specification and the ability to deliver quality code against a fixed timescale. He is excellent at planning and implementing his own work, including acquiring any tools and resources required to get the job done."

"Edwin works extremely well under time pressure and works well with the other members of the team to integrate his deliverables into the system."

"Edwin makes balanced decisions between exploiting 3rd party libraries and hand crafting code in order to achieve the required development timescales and application performance. Edwin makes time for independent research to increase his future contribution to the team without compromising current deliverables."

Toby Barret, Project Manager, Nortel:

"Edwin has successfully managed the transition from project team member to Project Prime after only a few months on the project. He has shown great self-confidence in this."

"Technically, Edwin has successfully solved some of the integration problems encountered. He has managed this is a difficult environment, e.g. functional requirement were vague and not fully documented."

Jeffrey Whitehead, Manager of Internet Services, Seer Technologies:

"Edwin played a critical role in Internet application development for Seer as the principle developer for transaction processing applications, utilizing alpha software."

"He is an exceptional team player, bringing success to client projects through the application of new technology."

"Edwin's unique ability to articulate complex technical concepts enabled Seer to produce high-quality software in an emerging market."

Bob Jewell, Senior VP & General Manager Americas, Seer Technologies:

"Antje Hartmann and Edwin Roestenburg [...] delivered an Internet-enabled Financial Planning application [...] offering banking customers the ability to store and track specific financial planning goals, such a college tuition, mortgages, and other investments."

"As a result of their dedication and commitment to quality, Edwin and Antje have not only delivered a high-quality application ahead of schedule, the company now has a reputation for technical excellence in Internet technology and for delivering what we promise."

"The Financial Planning project was originally scheduled for cancellation due to downsizing. However, the significant progress made by Edwin and Antje convinced management to reinstate funding and proceed to completion."

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