Edwin has developed hypermedia-based applications since 1991, excelled at devising innovative Internet and eCommerce solutions since 1996, and has been teaching various Internet and Java courses. He has provided valuable input in many areas of advanced software development and project management, including research, design, implementation, testing, and usability design/evaluation.

Previous achievements include research and implementation of AJAX interfaces, invention and development of “the personalized internet” (international patent awarded), development of an interactive knowledge-based cable design and manufacturing system, design and implementation of the first online banking application in USA, as well as design and development of the widest selling educational multimedia application for Dutch primary schools.

Edwin's special interest lies in the research, application and development of novel software development technologies.

Edwin's degrees include a Masters in Human Computer Systems from DeMontfort University (UK) and a Bachelor in Computer Science from Hogeschool Eindhoven (NL)

He is also the loving husband of Antje and proud daddy of Robin and Natasha.