Below is some feedback from Antje's (former) clients, colleagues and managers.

Jeff Whitehead, President & CEO, Real Time Matrix:

"Antje's experience and expertise is obvious from start to finish in User Experience design and delivery. She provides exceptional information architecture, clear and detailed UI designs, and easy-to-follow user acceptance testing procedures. We have relied upon Antje for two separate releases of cutting-edge software, and will always look to her in the future for guidance and services."

Florence Plomp, Project Manager, Rabobank Nederland:

"Antje is very intelligent and committed to her work. She has excellent communication skills and keeps everybody well informed. Furthermore, her dedication to keep up to date of latest market developments and share her knowledge with the team is outstanding."

Frank de Boer & Gerben Trouw, User Representatives, Rabobank Nederland:

"This project concerned the screen design for a Web application used by technical experts in their daily work. Despite the very complex character of the underlying data and interactions, Antje managed to quickly gain a thorough understanding of the problem domain and has been an excellent sounding board for users, architects and developers throughout the development lifecycle. On top of that Antje regularly sacrificed her own time to complete deliverables and showed great commitment and involvement during the entire project. "

"The quality and creativity of Antje's work is very high. She shows good initiative, teamwork and client focus."

Floyd Pushelberg, Product Design Manager, Nortel:

"Antje [...] successfully worked remotely with all her teams to consistently delight team, development partners and customers."

"Exemplary change management and personal drive. Antje adjusts quickly to new requirements and tight deadlines. Antje's exemplary team working, influence, business acumen and customer orientation makes the distance across the Atlantic almost transparent."

"Her work on the projects was critical in cementing the excellent relationship the department has with the solutions group. Her interaction with customers has instilled the value of Design Interpretive and user interface design with our partners. We should consider Antje as future Product Design Manager."

Audrey Bechamp, Visual Interface Designer, Nortel:

"Antje is one of the most enthusiastic, helpful and motivated people I have ever worked with. Her knowledge in any product she is working on is very thorough and she doesn't hesitate to help team members get up to speed."

"Not knowing what to expect entering the world of Nortel Networks, Antje made my transition into it an easy one. I feel like I got a year of training in a couple of months. I think this project is a step ahead of its time because of her research and understanding in the field."

"Antje takes ideas in improving the workflow very seriously and feedback is appreciated at all times. She always keeps the project Web site up-to-date. Keeping everyone in the loop seems to be a mission of hers. In development meetings the architects, the developers and the marketing group all want her valuable contribution."

"Antje, being in Europe, has also made the cross-Atlantic experience an easy one. She is very dedicated. I feel that the company benefits to a great extent having Antje aboard such a complex team of designers."

"She is a wonderful addition to any company. They will be lucky to have her as a team member!"

Paul Fera, Product Design Manager, Nortel:

"Antje's overall performance is exemplary in both behavior and outcome. Antje has been exemplary in demonstrating a strong ability to:

Jeffrey Whitehead, Manager of Internet Services, Seer Technologies:

"Antje [...] performed a variety of critical tasks in research and development as well as in direct client consulting services.

Antje's accomplishments ranged from designing and implementing a Perl/Java architecture for a major bank, to creating a VRML portfolio management application which proved a variety of new, transaction-based Internet technologies. She is an exceptional team player, bringing great ideas and diligently seeing them through to real solutions.

She has been an asset to the company's advanced technology development and a driving force within the Western region."

Bob Jewell, Senior VP & General Manager Americas, Seer Technologies:

"Antje Hartmann and Edwin Roestenburg [...] delivered an Internet-enabled Financial Planning application [...] offering banking customers the ability to store and track specific financial planning goals, such a college tuition, mortgages, and other investments."

"As a result of their dedication and commitment to quality, Edwin and Antje have not only delivered a high-quality application ahead of schedule, the company now has a reputation for technical excellence in Internet technology and for delivering what we promise."

"The Financial Planning project was originally scheduled for cancellation due to downsizing. However, the significant progress made by Edwin and Antje convinced management to reinstate funding and proceed to completion."

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